Previous Programs

Each of these events furthered Notre Dame's interest in developing programming related to Native American histories and cultures, and each guest is a top member of their field.



  • Global Religion and World Making  conference includes Pokégnek Bodéwadmik / Pokagon Potawatomi undergraduate Molly Sorters '23 and University of South Dakota Associate Professor Elise Boxer, Ph.D. for their event April 9-10th. 
  • AICSN Schools come back to Notre Dame for their 8th grade trip! 



  • Virtual 8th Grade Trip for AICSN school members (even with Covid we want them to see Notre Dame!) March
  • “Native American Cultural Issues Training,” JEDIS Native American History Month, lunch and learn, Office of Human Resources, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN November 19



  • “Doing More Than Meeting Explorers and Going to Thanksgiving Dinners: Adjusting the Curriculum to be More Inclusive and Less Stereotypical of Native Peoples,” March 29, Notre Dame, IN

  • Talk and Group Training, “Reconciliation for the Church: Starting the Truth Telling Process in Native and Non-Native Catholic Schools,” Tulalip Tribes, The National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition, Tulalip Nation (inside Washington state), November 20

  • “Send them back”: Native to where? Forced Inclusion and exclusion and a Pathway to Healing (with Mikaela Murphy ’22), Open Minds, Loving Hearts, and an Engaged Community A Diversity & Inclusion conference at Notre Dame, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, September 6

  • “Mental Health and Wellness at Native American Schools Strategy and Research,” The American Indian Catholic Schools Network, Notre Dame, IN, July 30

  • “Inclusivity & Intersectionality: It costs you nothing and from it you have the world to gain,” Team ND – Notre Dame Student Leaders for 2019- 2020, Miracle Camp, Lawton, MI, 23 August

  • “The Spiritual Life of a Native American Catholic School,” The American Indian Catholic Schools Network, Notre Dame, IN, July 29.

  • “Don’t Beat around the Bush: Idioms in American English – St. Paul’s Indian School & Nigerian Teachers,” Notre Dame, IN, June 17


  • Mikaela Murphy (Cherokee), University of Notre Dame (2021), Cherokee Language Lessons, (Ongoing).
  • Dr. Laurie Arnold (Colville), 'My Indian Beliefs Will Prove It': Christine Quintasket Mobilizing Culture on the Columbia Plateau, Gonzaga University, April 7, 2019
  • Dr. Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert (Hopi), Hopi Runners: Crossing the Terrain between Indian and American, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, March 31, 2019
  • Dr. Rose Miron, Understanding and Addressing the Ongoing Trauma Created by the US Indian Boarding School Policy, The National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition, February 17, 2019
  • Frances Jacobus-Parker, Revisions: Contemporary Native Art, Guest Curator - Princeton University, February 2-May 18, 2019
  • Megan Red Shirt-Shaw, An Evening with Megan Red Shirt-Shaw: Activism, The University, and Society, University of Minnesota, November 6, 2018
  • Kevin Daugherty, Pokagon Band of Potawatomi, Potawatomi Language and Culture Night, September 25, October 23, November 26, 2018


  • Let’s Talk- In Our Own Words: Language Revival and Preservation in the Indigenous Americas  

    Let’s Talk 2018 highlighted efforts across the United States and in the Indigenous Americas to reclaim native tongues, and at the same time, allow for exploration of issues tied to them, such as notions of identity and community, the role of academia within traditional community structures, changing language, and indigenous activism.

    Presented by the Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures, with cosponsorship by the Kellogg Institute for International Studies; American Indian Catholic Schools   Network; Browning Cinema, Marie P. DeBartolo Performing Arts Center; Center for Social Concerns; Center for the Study of Languages & Cultures; Department of Film, Television and Theater; Department of Romance Languages and Literatures; Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts, Henkels Lecture Series; Native American Initiatives; Native American Student Association of Notre Dame; Office of Multicultural Student Programs and Services; Office of Public Affairs; and Communication Office of the President.

  • Dr. Cathleen Cahill, Our Democracy and the American Indian: Citizenship, Sovereignty, and the Native Vote in the 1920's, Penn State University, April 15, 2018

  • Dr. Becca Gearken, Gambling on Authenticity: Gaming, the Noble Savage, and the Not-So-New Indian, University of Minnesota-Morris, April 8, 2018

  • Dr. John Gram, Missouri State University and Dr. Lindsay Marshall, University of Oklahoma, American Indian Education: An Historical Perspective, February 25, 2018

  • Jennifer Guerin, Volunteering to Find Your Vocation: Race, Class, and Gender, The Santa Fe Indian School, February 8, 2018



  • Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert, Ph.D. (Hopi), Hopi Runners and the Race to Modernity in the American West 1890 - 1930, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, March 30, 2016
  • John Low, J.D., Ph.D. (Pokagon), Imprints: The Pokagon Band of the Potawatomi and the City of Chicago, Author & historian, March 16, 2016
  • Marcus Winchester (Pokagon), The History of the Potawatomi People, Director of Language and Cultures Pokagon Band of the Potawatomi, November 16, 2015
  • Sacramento Knoxx (Ojibwe / Anishanaabe), Hip-Hop Artist, Performance and discussion, November 6, 2015


  • Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert, Ph.D. (Hopi), A View from the Trail: Photographs of a Hopi Footrace, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, April 12, 2015 
  • Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Culture of Conquest and Doctrine of Discovery: The United States as a Colonial Settler-State, Author & historian, March 18, 2015
  • Sterlin Harjo (Seminole), This May Be the Last Time Film screening & artist talk, Filmmaker, February 19, 2015
  • Matika Wilbur (Swinomish and Tulalip), Project 562: A Community Talk, Photographer, October 27, 2014



  • Mark Trahant (Shoshone-Bannock), Numbers that Don't Add Up: Indian Country in the Age of Austerity, 2013-2014 Atwood Journalism Chair at University of Alaska Anchorage, April 17, 2014
  • C. Joseph Genetin-Pilawa, Ph.D., A Curious Removal; Or, How a Native Woman in the 1950's Fought Christopher Columbus and Daniel Boone in Washington DC and Won, Illinois College, April 1, 2014
  • Stephanie Fryberg, Ph.D. (Tulalip), From Stereotyping to Invisibility: The Psychological Consequences of Using American Indian Mascots, Social psychologist, March 25, 2014
  • Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert, Ph.D. (Hopi), Hopi Footraces and American Marathons: 1912-1931, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, February 13, 2014



  • Cathleen Cahill, Ph.D., Marie Bottineau Baldwin: Activism & the First Native Woman Lawyer, University of New Mexico, April 4, 2013
  • Elaine Nelson, Ph.D., The Politics of Performance: Race and Tourism in the Twentieth-Century American West, University of Minnesota, Morris, April 4, 2013
  • Marie Watt, Snite Museum Artist Talk, February 20, 2013
  • Reel Injun: On the Trail of the Hollywood Indian Film Screening, February 19, 2013



  • Sam McCracken (Assiniboine/Sioux), General Manager of Nike N7
  • Kimberly Blaeser (Minnesota Chippewa), poet and essayist
  • Earl J. Waits (Wind River), U.S. Department of the Interior
  • Joseph Marshall III (Sicangu Lakota), fiction and non-fiction author
  • R. David Edmunds (Cherokee), historian
  • Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert (Hopi), historian
  • William (Willy) Bauer (Wailacki and Concow of the Round Valley Indian Tribes), historian
  • Film screening of Grab, hosted by director Billy Luther (Navajo, Hopi, Laguna Pueblo)


  • Christina Snyder, from Indiana University-Bloomington, gave the DeSantis lecture on Slavery in Indian Country: The Changing Face of Captivity in Early America (2010), about slavery and Native Americans in the South.
  • Musical performance by Grammy Award and 12 Time Native American Music award winning artist; and Wolf Clan member of the Iroquois Confederacy, Joanne Shenandoah has fulfilled the promise of her Native American name, Tekaliwah-kwa, (She Sings).
  • Musical performance by Grammy-winning recording artist, performer, songwriter, activist, painter, and world-class accomplished flute player, Bill Miller.
  • Grammy Award-winning recording artist, performer, songwriter, and activist Bill Miller discussed the present and future impact of Native Americans on American politics.
  • NASAND (Native American Students Association of Notre Dame) hosted a conference that will explore strategies for Native American student success. Please click here for more information about the conference.
  • Reading by O. Henry Prize Winner Eddie Chuculate (Muscogee Creek and Cherokee) from his debut collection, Cheyenne Madonna.
  • NASAND hosted Big Star, a Potawatomi Pokagon drum group, and bonfire on Holy Cross Hill.
  • Lecture on Indian mascot issue and the intersection of art, hate-related vandalism, and anti-Indian sentiment during a 2009 art exhibit at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign by Robert Warrior (Osage), director of American Indian Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  • Presentation on designing skate decks by artist Todd Harder (Creek/Shoshone), who is also the founder of All Nations Skate Jam.
  • Discussion of contemporary urban Indian priorities and challenges with Joe Podlasek (Ojibwe), executive director of the American Indian Center of Chicago.
  • Lecture on Native Americans as Exhibits by Scott Stevens (Akwesasne Mohawk), director of the Newberry Library's D'Arcy McNickle Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies.
  • Film screening of "Four Sheets to the Wind" and discussion with filmmaker Sterlin Harjo (Seminole/Creek)

We acknowledge our presence on the traditional homelands of Native peoples including the Haudenosauneega, Miami, Peoria, and particularly the Pokégnek Bodéwadmik / Pokagon Potawatomi, who have been using this land for education for hundreds of years, and continue to do so.